Continuing Growth
In 2004 Ready Foods expanded  production into a state of the art 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

In 2007 Ready Foods opened a new 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This new facility was built on the green design concept and is currently working toward LEED accreditation.


In 1972, Luis Abarca began producing authentic Mexican food products after recognizing the underdeveloped potential of this ethnic food category. Ready Foods began by producing Mexican food for  restaurants and retail outlets in the Denver area.  Over the years Ready Foods has expanded and evolved from a manufacturer of Mexican food to become a custom food processor, producing a wide variety of products for restaurants nationwide.

Ready Foods produces our own brand of products under the Marcos Foods label as well as being able to produce your recipe on a large scale. From a chicken noodle soup to world class green chile sauce, your recipe or ours, we have the facilities and expertise to meet your needs.






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