MFG # 7191


Thick & Hearty Green Chile  (No Meat)

A meatless take on our classic recipe, made from fire

roasted green chiles, diced tomatoes, and chili sauce.


MFG # 7189

MFG # 7190

Green Chile with Pork 

Our signature Colorado-style sauce is made with fire

roasted green chiles, tomato, jalapeño, and lean pork. 

Chile Verde

Traditional Southwest recipe made with roasted green

​chiles and jalapeños, seasoned with onions & garlic.

Green Chile Soup with Pork  

Based on a Santa Fe-style green chile, this soup celebrates the hatch chiles of New Mexico, complete with pulled pork.

MFG # 7353

Vegetarian Green Chile 

Traditional recipe made with diced tomatoes, green

chiles, fresh jalapeños, and flavorful garlic & onion. 

MFG # 7181

Red Chile with Beef and Kidney Beans

Flavorful combination of tender ground beef slow cooked with red kidney beans, diced peppers, and tomatoes.

Thick & Hearty Green Chile (with Pork)

Made with a flour based roux, this Denver favorite

is a savory combination of fire roasted green chile,

tomato, garlic, and lean diced pork.

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MFG # 7186