Our dedicated team is here to provide innovative food and kitchen solutions.

Ready Foods offers full service kettle cooking and recipe development. Sales and R&D chefs work closely with our QA team and packaging professionals to ensure that every project meets our standard for consistent, quality food and matches your personal recipe. Learn more about our high food safety standards HERE.

Save on labor costs and let us make your favorite recipe consistently. Even if you don't have a recipe ready to go, our skilled R&D chefs will work with you to create the perfect, flavorful formula. 

Interested in making a custom food item at Ready Foods? Here's how it works: 

First, our dedicated sales team will connect with you to learn more about your objectives and how we can help provide solutions for your business and make you more competitive. We specialize in quick-chilled fresh and frozen food items in bulk packaging. We currently do not make shelf-stable foods. From soups to sauces and pastas, we have over 45 years of experience making a variety of fresh items.

Together with our R&D team, we will work to recreate your recipe at a higher volume, a lower cost and with a better yield. We will go through a series of test batches and tastings with you to make sure it is just right before we start producing at higher volumes. Once approved, you are all set to take your co-packed food to market. 

Ready to get started? Contact us HERE. 


We can help your menu stand out from the rest with custom co-packing.