Our Quality Team

Ready Foods has a quality assurance team that is dedicated to ensuring you receive a great tasting, consistent, and safe product. Our team performs product evaluations consisting of taste, color, viscosity, and more on every batch. We have an in-house laboratory that performs microbiological and analytical testing as well as using a third party laboratory to independently verify our testing procedures and results. AOAC proficiency tests are utilized on a quarterly basis to verify the accuracy of laboratory results.

Food Safety

A comprehensive Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HAACP) plan is in use at all of our facilities. The HACCP system establishes strict guidelines for production procedures, monitors pre and post production procedures, and gathers real-time data for ongoing analysis. Above all, HACCP is a program to prevent issues throughout the process and document compliance. As part of our HACCP system, Ready Foods allows no glass containers in any of our manufacturing facilities.

We can control our processes but what about our suppliers? All of Ready Foods raw materials are inspected prior to use. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure only high quality safe ingredients are used in all of our products. Our production process utilizes a complete lot tracking system that allows us to track raw materials used down to the case level of our finished products.

Inspected and Certified

Ready Foods facilities are USDA inspected facilities with an inspector onsite monitoring our production. Additionally our facilities are annually inspected by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). The NSF inspection is a comprehensive Good Manufacturing Process inspection that evaluates a wide variety of operational and food safety parameters. Ready Foods consistently scores in the 95th percentile in NSF inspections.

Ready Foods is currently in the process of obtaining GFSI level certification at all plants. This is among the highest level of certification for foods producers worldwide.